The Process

The Process


In Web Design, I create custom made web design layouts thath best suits your goals and needs for your business success. To do so, it requires a plan and that plan is etermining your targeted audience. by kowing your targeted audience, gives your designer a good understanding of how the website should be laid out and by gathering quality content to best fit your audience needs. Once I have a good understanding of your target audience and the right content to dispalay on the web, I then begin to sketch out the plan of the site then design a bisual mock0up design that will be created in Phootosh=hop.


The develpment phase is the process of coding your website that has been created in Potoshop to be dispa==layed on the internet for your audience to interact with your website. In addition th==to the development of your site, I provide a mobile friendly experience that will be responsive and compatible on all mobile devices.


After the website has been plan out, sketched, designed in Photoshop, and developed you want to make sure your site is maintained for development errors as over time technology changes and your site may not function properly do to browser changes. So you will need somone to fix these issues as technology changes. Not only that, you also want to keep your site updated on a consistent basis with relevant content and with the latest treads. Google loves siteds that are mobile friendly and up to date with the most relebant content. So guess what, I can provide that for you.